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Not NHK news, but clips from some of the more exuberant moments on Japanese television. ┬áNaturally, nearly all the clips are in Japanese, but they’re good fun to watch even if you have no idea what’s being said. ┬áIncludes commercials, variety show segments, music videos and more. ┬áRecent entries include a cross-dressing Maid Cafe, a terrifying fusion of Santa Claus and Ronald McDonald, and Barack Obama acknowledging that he has, in fact, heard of the little town of Obama, Japan.

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Unfailingly interesting, Pink Tentacle offers visitors a grab bag of Japanese pop culture both past and present.

Recent posts include 16th century drawings of fantastic beasts thought to cause illness, an eerily lifelike robot patient used by dentists-in-training (nicknamed Pain Girl!), and footage of a pianist performing on a blazing piano on the beach in Ishikawa prefecture. Stop by and check out the most recent oddity.

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