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Which Sake Are You?

Recent posts from blogs about Japan.  Shige gives us a peek at Kappa-bashi, a Tokyo neighborhood with a warren of restaurant supply shops.   The 1970 Osaka World Expo’s astounding Ultrasonic Bath of the Future never really took off, but Pink Tentacle shows us what might have been.   The lights go on at the Hiroshima Carp’s gleaming new stadium, and Get Hiroshima has the footage.  What Japan Thinks about adorable dancing emoticons in its email.  The Workaholic Hostess closes the door on the ghetto club and the Hopeless Romantic experiences temporary insanity with a killer soundtrack.  At An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla, paintings of…Godzilla.  Neojaponisme gives a word history of the zoku in bosozoku, and Melinda at Tokyo Through the Drinking Glass hits us with a sake personality quiz.  I’m a namazake.  I make people feel alive.


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